The new Apple iPhone SE (2022) never went on to become the most desirable iPhone, but it was received rather coldly, while its predecessor received positive comments. Those can be summed up as “it’s cheap” and “it’s small”. That was in 2020, of course, and a lot has changed since then.

Starting with the former, the new model costs $430, $30 more than its predecessor. This is without taxes, mind you. In Europe the new SE starts at €520, for that money you can get some very capable Androids. If you want to stick with Apple, an iPhone 12 mini costs about the same in some regions, unless you insist on getting it through

Weekly poll results: iPhone SE (2022) sees little love

And that brings us to the second part, the iPhone SE (2022) is small, but the mini is smaller. Not to mention that the mini has a bigger, sharper screen, a more capable camera (including an ultra-wide module), and things like MagSafe.

The iPhone 12 mini didn’t exist at the beginning of 2020 when the second SE was announced, so “small” and “cheap” were true then. The iPhone SE (2022) arrives in another world with new expectations.

Looking at the poll results, most people who want an iPhone want something more capable than the SE. Surprisingly, few people are interested in upgrading an older iPhone. Part of that is probably due to the outdated design – we don’t just mean the looks, but having a screen barely higher than HD resolution and a single camera is a tough sell these days, even for a “cheap” phone.

We’re not ready to write off the iPhone SE (2022) just yet. The second-generation model accounted for a significant portion of Apple’s global sales for the second quarter of 2020 – 28%. However, many buyers were upgrading from an older iPhone and (according to our poll) the third-gen SE won’t be able to inspire such an upgrade spree.

Weekly poll results: iPhone SE (2022) sees little love

Also, the SE (2020) was not as popular as the iPhone 11, which made up 40% of sales in that period. By the way, the 11 is still available brand new for $500. The chipset is a few generations older, so you’re missing out on 5G connectivity.

With the iPhone 11 and 12 mini so close in price, not to mention competing Androids, the new SE model may not reach the popularity of its predecessor — we’ll find out when analysts release their findings next quarter.

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