The Verizon, DoD Pentagon project involves converting more than 52,000 voice lines into an integrated IP environment with optimized voice and video services

Verizon Public Sector will provide the United States Department of Defense (DoD) with network modernization services and technical support at the Pentagon, the DoD National Capital Region (NCR), and Fort Belvoir in Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) job orders worth $966.5 million.

“The United States Department of Defense is at the forefront of technological modernization and we are proud that Verizon has been selected to expand our existing partnership and continue to serve as a digital transformation partner,” said Maggie Hallbach, senior vice president, Public Sector. to Verizon in a press release. “Building on 5G and other professional services accolades Verizon achieved in 2021, our team of professional and managed services experts are fully aligned with DoD’s strategic priorities and are poised to help their leadership adapt. adapt to increasingly sophisticated requirements and growing network infrastructure requirements. †

Verizon will provide communications technology infrastructure, including core voice, transportation, Internet, and managed services at Fort Belvoir, as set forth in a $18.3 million job order, while in another $515.3 million job order it will help the operator support the entire military. and civilian population of the Pentagon from copper-based telephony to advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based services. The Pentagon partnership includes converting more than 52,000 voice lines into an integrated IP environment with optimized voice and video services.

Verizon will also provide core voice, transportation, internet and professional services to more than 370 locations within the DOD-NCR, which leads an interagency group responsible for homeland security and defense of the Washington, DC area. and the surrounding counties.

Verizon has previously collaborated with the DoD on several occasions, including installing 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) infrastructure at seven Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) sites and a $495 million research project designed to deliver high bandwidth and low latency. , Layer 2 wide area network services to support critical research.

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