Apple will make the notch on the iPhone disappear! According to the latest rumor, it will start this year. However, Face ID will not be hidden under the display until 2023 with the iPhone 15.


Notch is rumored to start disappearing with the iPhone 14. Thanks to Samsung technology, Face ID will sit below the screen, starting with the iPhone 15. Samsung’s new UPC technology will debut in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 beforehand.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors that Apple will say goodbye to the notch on the iPhone in the near future. These rumors are now being fueled from Korea, where The Elec reports that Samsung, of all companies, will play a major role in this.

iPhone 14 Pro with Pill-Shaped Punch Hole

If the sources from South Korea are correct, the Apple iPhone 14 will have a pill-shaped punch hole as early as September, which will then hide both the selfie camera and the Face ID technology. However, according to said sources, this design change would be reserved for the Pro series, so the other expected 2022 iPhone models will still come with a notch.

Reportedly, this pill form will then make way for a real punch-hole design for the iPhone 15 in 2023. Samsung’s new UPC (under-panel camera) technology would then be available. This would mean that while the selfie shooter is still visible, Face ID sensors may disappear below the display.

apple iphone 14 notch

Could the iPhone 14 Pro look like this? / © Evgeny Karandaev, MR-R / Shutterstock, Collage: NextPit

Samsung already went a step further last year when it completely hid the front camera in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But the success of this camera is under discussion. If the two rivals keep their release cycles roughly the same, in about a year and a half we should see two smartphones with the new UPC technology in quick succession: first the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in late summer – and shortly after the Apple iPhone 15.

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Apple iPhone SE (2022)

All in all, the information from industry insiders essentially only confirms the rumors already circulating. However, with each new source and each additional piece of information, we only gain more certainty.

This way you can slowly start singing the first goodbye to the iPhone notch. And if you want, you can let me know your thoughts in the comments. Are you glad this unsavory notch on the top edge of the screen is a foregone conclusion? Or does the notch give you a familiar feeling?

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