T-Mobile is working hard to increase enterprise market share to 20% by the end of 2025

Speaking this week at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, T-Mobile US executives linked network differentiation with opportunities in rural and smaller markets, and between enterprises and governments.

According to Neville Ray, president of technology, T-Mobile’s 5G network, including 600 MHz and 2.5 GHz, obtained in the Sprint merger, is “very, very close to crossing 50% of the traffic”, and more than 40% of subscribers’ smartphones are 5G compatible.

Ray discussed the “huge synergies” available to T-Mobile US in dismantling Sprint cell sites and migrating those customers to the combined network. He said the decommissioning process would peak in mid-year, resulting in 80% of Sprint’s sites being taken offline; by 2022 tens of thousands of sites will be dismantled.

“We need to upgrade the sites we keep,” Ray explained. “That work is already progressing well. Over the past two years, we’ve spent a lot of time understanding information and data about Sprint customer usage on the network that we didn’t have access to before. Now we can measure and quantify the impact on the customer per location.” Operational savings associated with the decomm process have “always been a key underlying tenet of this deal.”

The company’s CFO Peter Osvaldik said high-level priorities in 2022 will be consistent with the previous year. In particular, he called for building the network “to give us a sustainable advantage in the 5G era”, continuing the Sprint integration and cultivating the Magenta service brand. He also identified growth opportunities in smaller or rural markets, which he estimates are about 40% of Americans, and in home broadband over wired wireless access.

On the business side, T-Mobile last year set its target of growing from less than 10% to 20% market share. “We’ve gained significant traction” toward that goal, Osvaldik said, noting that if the current win rate stays the same, T-Mo will hit that goal.

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