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Android 12L is rolling out to a selection of Pixel phones today. It will eventually find its way into products from Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo. This iteration of Android 12 is optimized for larger screens.

Today, Google dropped the latest Pixel feature. A host of new features aren’t the only things coming to Pixels right now, though. In addition, the update includes the new big screen iteration of Android 12.

Known as Android 12L, it marks the first time Google has launched a mid-cycle upgrade to Android since Android 8.1 Marshmallow. The nickname “L” probably refers to the word “big” because this version of Android focuses on features for larger screens.

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As such, Pixel smartphones won’t see too many differences. However, Google confirmed that devices from Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo would come with Android 12L, which could end up being a bigger deal.

Android 12L from these OEMs

Between Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung, Lenovo’s inclusion isn’t much of a surprise. A Lenovo tablet was the official beta test device of 12L. We expect the stable version of the operating system on other Lenovo tablets soon.

Samsung will likely bring Android 12L to its various high-end tablets and foldable phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Meanwhile, we expect Microsoft to focus solely on its Surface Duo 2 product, as it won’t be an Android-based tablet. on the market (at least not yet).

The most notable new feature in 12L that will be beneficial to tablet/foldable users is a new dock. When you use it, you can keep up to six apps there for easier multitasking. There’s also a new layout for the notification panel, keeping the Quick Tiles on one side and your notifications on the other. Android’s settings pages are also split into two halves, with the settings headers on one side and the various toggles and toggles on the other.

It’s unclear whether Android 12L will come to smartphones beyond the Google Pixel series. We’ll have to wait and see what companies say about pushing it to their products.


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