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It is not always possible to answer your phone. Maybe you’re busy, or don’t feel like calling. Regardless of your excuse, it’s still important to check the messages you’re missing. That’s where voicemail comes in. You probably already know how voicemail works, but it’s not always easy to set up. Some carriers have their own hoops to jump through. Here’s how to set up and use voicemail on AT&T.

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It doesn’t take much effort to set up a voicemail on AT&T. Go to your phone app and press the voicemail key or press and hold number one. Then select your language preference and enter a seven to fifteen digit password of your choice. Choose the greeting you want and listen to the short tutorial from AT&T. Once the tutorial is complete, you should be all set.

Set up and use Voicemail on AT&T

How to set up your AT&T voicemail

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It’s pretty easy to set up your voicemail on AT&T. In fact, there are only five steps to follow. However, you must ensure that you set up your voicemail within 60 days of activation or AT&T will remove it from your account.

Press and hold the voicemail key or number one on your dialer app. Select your preferred language. Create a seven to fifteen digit password of your choice. Choose a voicemail greeting. Listen to the short voicemail tutorial.

If you hang up before the AT&T voicemail tutorial ends, it will play again the next time you check your voicemail. As such, it’s probably better to let it play the first time.

The steps are even easier to set up an existing AT&T voicemail on a new phone. Press and hold the voicemail button or one key and enter your current voicemail password. AT&T will then transfer your existing greeting and messages to your new phone.

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How to check your AT&T voicemail

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After you’ve gone through the AT&T setup process, it’s time to check your messages. It’s easy enough to do and you can listen to your AT&T voicemail messages outside of your smartphone too. Here are the steps for some of the most popular platforms.

From your phone

There are two basic ways to check your AT&T voicemail from your phone. It comes down to whether you’ve set up AT&T’s visual voicemail or not. When you do, you can open the visual voicemail app and tap the voicemail you want to hear. Then you can use the play and pause buttons to stop your message at any time.

However, if you don’t have visual voicemail, you should use the calling features instead.

Press and hold number one on your dialer app. Enter your voicemail password when prompted. Unheard messages start automatically. If you don’t have any new messages, you can press number one again to listen to your saved messages, starting with the oldest message.

From another phone or landline

You don’t even need to have your own phone to listen to your AT&T voicemail messages. If you’re waiting for an important message, you can pick up a friend’s phone and follow these steps.

Call your 10-digit phone number. Once your voicemail greeting begins, interrupt it with the asterisk

key. Enter your voicemail password when prompted. Follow any further voice instructions to listen to your messages.


Most people will listen to their AT&T voicemail messages from their phones, but did you know you can do this online too? These are the simple steps to follow.

Log in to your myAT&T account. Select your phone from the navigation bar and select Check Voicemail. You should now see all your posts in a table format. In addition to the play and pause buttons, you can also forward voicemail messages from this table in the More Actions heading.

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After listening to a voicemail for the first time, you need to decide what to do with it. If it’s from a spam caller, the answer is simple: delete it. However, there may be instances when you want to hold a message a little longer. Here are instructions for both saving and deleting AT&T voicemails.

Save your voicemail

When you play a voicemail, it is automatically saved for 30 days. If you need to keep it longer, you can usually replay it and press the number nine key to save it for another 30 days.

However, visual voicemail users have much more control. If you have visual voicemail, the message file will be downloaded to your phone so you can hold it indefinitely. All you need to do is open the visual voicemail app and hit the play button to start your message at any time.

Delete your voicemail

Once you’re done with a voicemail, the process is a lot like saving your messages. You can call your voice mailbox, but instead of pressing number nine, you must press number seven to delete your message. Of course, you have to make sure that you really want to delete the message, as your voicemails cannot be recovered.

If you have visual voicemail, you can hit the delete button. It is located near the play and pause options and it gives you the freedom to delete voicemails in any order you want.

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If you don’t check your voicemail for a while, there is always a chance that you will forget your password. It probably means you didn’t have a very good password, but you can still get back to your messages. You just need to reset your voicemail password. While you could set a password from your phone, you’ll need to go to your myAT&T account to reset it. Once there, follow these steps:

Go to the My devices and add-ons section and select your device. Choose the Manage my device option. Go to Device Options and Settings and select Reset Voicemail Password. Follow the voice prompts to reset your password.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T support visual voicemail?

Yes, AT&T supports visual voicemail. However, you must meet a number of requirements before you can use the service. See AT&T’s Visual Voicemail Setup Guide for more information.

Do I have to pay for visual voicemail on AT&T?

No, AT&T’s visual voicemail service is free. However, visual voicemail uses some of your data, so you may incur charges if you exceed your data limit. You’ll also need to install the visual voicemail app if it’s not already on your phone.Notes

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