We’ve already seen a few other teardowns of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but there’s another one that shows us a little bit what the first two don’t have. JerryRigEverything has posted his disassembly of the scratched, burnt and bent Galaxy flagship, and in a new video he takes it apart to show how Samsung waterproofs the S Pen compartment.

After separating the back panel from the frame by cutting glue, he notices that the glass panel and camera cutouts are all permanently attached to each other. If one of the glass camera lenses were to break, the back panel would have to be completely replaced to repair.

After removing the wireless charging coil and plate covers from the top and bottom shelves, it reveals part of the speaker assembly and the USB-C port gasket that aids in water resistance.

After showing off the massive quad-camera assembly and showing what’s behind the motherboard, he notes that Samsung uses excess glue to hold the battery in place. He must drop isopropyl alcohol into the battery compartment to release the battery. Other OEMs don’t use as much glue, and even Apple has pull tabs that make battery changes easier.

Then there’s the S Pen silo, which is more like a canal. It is covered with a thick plastic sheet that is glued shut to keep water out of the inside of the phone while allowing it to enter the silo. At the top of the channel is a coil that charges the capacitor of the S Pen.

After reassembling, the phone doesn’t turn on right away, but it is noticeable that the display cable has been lightly chopped with a knife while separating the adhesive from the back panel. Even experienced people can damage a device when disassembling.


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