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There is a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy A on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM ET. During the event, Samsung should launch a few budget and midrange devices. Galaxy A phones are among the largest Android phones in the world every year.

Despite what people in the United States may think, Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones are not the company’s biggest sellers worldwide. While Samsung is leaving most of its power behind in terms of development and marketing, its best-selling smartphones are in the lower-end Galaxy A series.

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As such, it’s pretty big news that there will be a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy A next week. Samsung has scheduled the launch for Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM ET.

At the moment it is not yet entirely clear what Samsung will launch. However, the graphic of the digital invitation gives us some clues of what to expect. Check it out below.

Samsung Galaxy A Launch Event

Samsung Galaxy A Event 2022 Invitation

The image above has eight panels, seven of which have a stylized “A”. The first “A” looks like a smartphone with side buttons and a black glass display that fills in the gaps. One is covered in Emoji and another shows what appear to be photos of young people.

However, one “A” is clearly underwater. This suggests that at least one of the Samsung Galaxy A phones we see this week could have an IP rating. This is something you don’t often see on non-flagships, so it’s always nice when it happens.

Likewise, the neon “A” suggests that the phones may have good cameras for low-light photography.

Samsung usually launches quite a few Galaxy A phones at the same time, so there is a good chance that we will see several devices landing on Thursday. Which one is still a mystery for now. Stay tuned!


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