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According to Counterpoint Research, the Russian smartphone market fell 7% year over year in 2021. Samsung dominated the market with a 30% share, followed by Xiaomi, Apple and other Chinese brands. the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine doesn’t bode well for its smartphone market, which is already down 7% year over year in 2021. A new report from Counterpoint Research says the country’s handset market could take another hit this year.

The market research firm points the drop to consumers’ “longer upgrade cycles” and their shift from “mid-tier to high-tier devices.” That said, Samsung kept its lead with a 30% share, up from 25% in 2020.

Counterpoint notes that Samsung’s Galaxy A-series phones accounted for more than half of its shipments for 2021.

Comparison bar for the Russian smartphone market from 2020 to 2021

Counterpoint Research Russia handset tracker (Image credit: Counterpoint Research)

The Galaxy A12, which is currently one of the best Android phones under $200, was a huge success and remained the company’s most popular model in 2021.

Xiaomi came in second with a market share of 23%, representing a 29% year-over-year growth. This is largely due to the Redmi series, which accounted for more than three quarters of shipments in 2021.

Apple took third place with a share of 13%. Honor and Realme lagged by 6% and 5% respectively.

“Chinese brands contributed 44% of the total market in 2021, compared to 46% in 2020,” said research director Tarun Pathak. “The decline can be attributed to the loss of Huawei, but Chinese brands are gaining again, especially Xiaomi, Honor and Realme.”

However, the Russian mobile phone market could shrink further due to the escalating military conflict in Ukraine. Pathak noted that “the current war has changed the whole landscape and pushed the mobile phone market into uncertainty.”

“The ruble’s decline will in the near term lead to a sharp rise in prices due to limited inventories and suspended deliveries. In addition, it will be difficult for OEMs to make a sound strategy for devices as sanctions mount.

Apple recently suspended its sales activities in Russia and may follow other smartphone brands, Counterpoint says.

Despite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Chinese OEMs could gain more market share in Russia this year, according to the company.

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