Huawei is trying to conquer a place in the smartphone market in 2022. But will this legendary cookie taste good without Google and 5G? In our poll of the week, we want to know what you think of the former smartphone superstar.

It was not to be missed that Huawei unveiled new smartphones last week. Of course at NextPit we published an article about the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket, and my colleague Antoine Engels has already used the Pro model for a test. In addition to websites with a focus on technology, mainstream media such as the American news channel CNBC have also reported about it.

Huawei’s new smartphones look great, but when you look closer, they lag behind the competition: both the Pro model and the P50 Pocket come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, but Huawei had to replace the integrated 5G modem with an LTE one. modem. In addition, support for the Google Play Store is still missing and Harmony OS will not be rolled out outside of China.

So is the world reporting on Huawei because it’s exciting to watch a former tech giant die, or are the new smartphones actually relevant as everyday drivers. Not for resourceful tech journalists like me, but for you – the end users!

Question 1: P50 Pocket or Pro – which model would you buy?

Let’s start with the easiest question. We determine the market with our purchasing power and since you don’t all have between $ 1,199 and $ 1,599 for a new device, and Huawei devices are of course only available in a limited number of markets, we simply simulate the tech market checkout in this research. :

Although the first question is quite personal, I would like to appeal to your professionalism again. Many NextPit readers have been eyeing the smartphone market for a number of years now. So how do you see the relevance of Huawei apart from your personal preferences and financial plans?

Question 2: Is Huawei still relevant to the smartphone market?

Because when we ask about the relevance of a company, we need to add a few more variables. So it’s not about whether you like the current line-up, but whether Huawei still has a reason to exist in the markets in Europe and America despite its major weaknesses. Although Huawei is also weakening in China, let’s disregard the market there for a moment.

If you answered “No” to the question above, I ask you to click on the next poll again. Because I find your reasons here much more exciting than the yes-no question. Is it a distrust of a company that is (allegedly) associated with the Chinese Communist Party, or do you think the obvious rebrands with “ex” subsidiary brand Honor are stupid?

In our weekly editorial meeting, we had another idea that we would like to address with a closing question. Because sometimes we have the impression that we live in a bubble. And it just might burst if we poke it with obvious surveys!

Question 3: Do you know anyone who recently bought a Huawei phone?

In addition to the field test of going undercover and getting advice in tech stores about Huawei phones, we would like to know if our doubts are purely professional. Of course, we have to criticize the lack of Google services on Huawei phones – but are newcomers to mobile phones still finding that? And maybe some people prefer a well-known brand name over 5G?

This survey should also end with this last question. My little market research on the subject of Huawei will hopefully generate lively interest in the various NextPit domains. Because I’m very curious whether we nerds in the community are still up-to-date when it comes to Huawei.

Feel free to write me your thoughts on Huawei and the new devices in the comments. As usual, we will include exciting comments in the evaluation. Thank you for your participation!

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