Earlier today, OnePlus finally revealed the date it will announce the 10 Pro for global markets – it’s March 31, narrowly meeting the oft-rumored “Q1 2022” unveiling schedule after it first launched the handset in January. China had launched.

But it turns out that the phone won’t be the only new product on the podium at the end of this month. It will be joined by the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2, which, judging by the name, should succeed the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z that was released all the way back in 2020. Successors to these have been long overdue, and in fact the Bullets Wireless Z2 leaked earlier this month.

OnePlus will also unveil the Bullets Wireless Z2 at its March 31 event

According to that information, these are OnePlus’ most affordable wireless earbuds (although you can tell they aren’t actually wireless), and will come in blue and black, with physical volume and media buttons on the right side of the neckband. The buttons stick together when not in use thanks to magnets, but none of the internal specifications are known yet.

That’s about to change soon, though: As seen on its official teaser page, OnePlus plans to release slow-drip info on the earbuds starting March 25, when anything related to bass capabilities is revealed. Then, on March 27, we’ll get to know some fast-charging specs, and finally, on March 29, it’s time to learn more about the pair’s water-resistance.

While you wait for the March 31 event, you can head to the resource below and register to be kept up to date with news about the Bullets Wireless Z2. This gives you a chance to win a free pair.


This post OnePlus will also unveil the Bullets Wireless Z2 at its March 31 event

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