The connected intelligent edge is growth opportunities, connectivity, processing, AI and more

First described at a capital markets event last year and contextualized with impact at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Qualcomm is rapidly advancing its strategy to expand the addressable market sevenfold to $700 billion through mobile technologies. that will bring the connected intelligent lead to life.

“Mobile technology is literally going everywhere,” said CEO Cristiano Amon during Qualcomm’s MWC press conference. “Billions of smart devices will be connected to the cloud 100% of the time. If they’re not plugged in, they’re not that useful. This is not only an opportunity for connectivity, but also for smart processing, artificial intelligence and everything that is going to happen at the edge. We have positioned ourselves as the company that will drive innovation at the edge and power the connected intelligent edge.”

At MWC, Qualcomm showed the world what it is doing today to make this vision for the connected intelligent edge a reality, as well as demonstrating more long-term R&D focused on the evolution from 5G to 5G Advanced and, from there, to 6G. Taken together, the news items and technology showcase made it clear that the company is strongly focused on executing its growth plan.

Qualcomm SVP of Engineering John Smee described the company’s work as fundamentally improving 5G and driving it in new directions beyond data as he looks to the future of edge clouds and AI on the device and on the network to work together. work to improve user experiences.

He told RCR Wireless News: “5G itself can offer services beyond data, so we’re designing 5G, as an example, for positioning… whether that’s for industrial, whether it’s for automotive, or even the metaverse.” and XR.Another example is how we look at edge services.As 5G continues to evolve, the way 5G interacts with connectivity and computing will continue to evolve.

As the company works to improve mobility, energy efficiency, data speeds, applications and other areas of 5G, Smee looks ahead to the state of the technology in 2030. “How will the network and the device work together as part of an artificially intelligent air interface? What excites me is this perspective on data: how it’s processed, where it’s processed, how intelligent the air interface can be.”

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