Apple is testing the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask, without needing an Apple Watch on your wrist to verify your identity.

The first beta of iOS 15.4 is out for iPhone, and after the featureless iOS 15.3 update, it looks like we’re in for a tangible new biometric security update this time around. The addition was spotted first by YouTuber Brandon Butch (via 9to5Mac).

Already available to registered developers, the feature allows iPhone users to “use Face ID with a mask” and select a version of the biometric security feature that targets the eye area to identify the device owner. identify.

The job description explains: “Face ID is most accurate when set up for full recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, the iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eyes for verification.”

The definition suggests that users are sacrificing a little bit of the security Face ID provides by using it with a mask. However, it’s a price many will win for paying if, for example, they’re masked with using features like Apple Pay at the grocery store.

Until now, users have had the choice of either lowering their protection or entering their passcode when Face ID identification fails. Via Settings > Face ID & Passcode this will be solved in iOS 15.4, which is expected in the coming months.

Apple has previously offered mitigation to Apple Watch owners. It detects the presence of the wearable and is convinced that the owner of the watch is also holding the phone, thus bypassing the need for individual Face ID authentication.

However, only a minority of iPhone users also use the Apple Watch, so it’s good to see Apple working towards a situation where people wearing masks can continue to use the fast Face ID technology. Mask mandates may end in places like the UK, so the feature will arrive a little later than many had hoped.

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