Motorola’s latest flagships are the Edge 30 Pro and Edge 30 Ultra, which come with 68W fast fast charging. The company apparently thinks this isn’t enough and has developed an even faster charger – 125W.

The adapter was unveiled by Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo Mobile Phone Business Department in China, on his personal Weibo page. He also said that the stone weighs only 130 grams, which is a lot lower than any other charger with the same speeds on the market.

Motorola executive teases 125W charger

The race to supply chargers 125W and above is heating up and we have at least five makers with an adapter that can achieve that or faster speeds. A quick comparison shows that the Xiaomi brick weighs 195 grams, the vivo adapter 210 grams and that all the others we have lying around in the office are about the same weight.

Motorola’s 130g body is really impressive, but shouldn’t surprise anyone – the company is capable of building sleek charging packs. The current 68W adapter weighs less than 100 grams.

Motorola Frontier Display

Motorola Frontier Display

The bigger question behind this teaser is what phone this 125W charger is designed for. There are rumors that the brand is preparing a device code-named Frontier with a 194 MP camera, which also seems capable of pushing the loading limits.

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