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Widget functionality is one of Android’s oldest features, giving you quick access to specific features or information at a glance without launching an app. Whether it’s a simple clock and weather widget, a Google search bar, or anything else, widgets are quite useful.

However, we wondered how invested Android Authority readers were in widgets. Don’t have any widgets on your home screens or are your screens full of them? We asked this question earlier this week and this is what you told us.

How many widgets do you have on your phone’s home screens?



We posted the poll on Monday (24 January) and at the time of writing 2,400 votes have been cast. It is clearly a popular topic then and the best option was one widget (23.3%). At least two comments support this choice, with these readers noting that they only have a clock widget.

People with two widgets on all their home screens accounted for 19.2% of the vote, while the “no” camp came in third with nearly 16% of the vote. If you look at it another way, people with zero to two widgets made up almost 60% of the vote.

At the other end of the spectrum, 9.38% of readers polled said they had eight or more widgets on all of their home screens. One reader even left a comment that they were using 34 widgets, even though 28 were from the same app.

Anyway, it’s clear that most of you use widgets in one way or another, but super users are in the minority.


CR45H 0V3RR1D3: None, never had. I like a clean home screen. That’s why I’m thankful that Apple has finally added an app drawer. Never understood how to use a device covered in icons. CJ Brown: two widgets. Google Search Bar Widget, Motorola’s Clock – Calendar – Battery Level – Weather Round Widget. That’s about all I need. Carolyn Fleming: Bubble Cloud, Elecont Weather, Podcast Addict, Google Search, Jorte Calendar, Photo Widget and Clock with different time zones. I love the widgets, especially Bubble Cloud and Elecont Weather, because they are so customizable. FalKoopa: I use the Google at a Glance widget, and a few more, such as music, notes, and a habit tracker. It’s really useful not to have to go to the app or swipe the notifications to access it. Thelonius: Weather, Search, Gmail, Calendar, Notes and media controls. Mike Rubin: 34 widgets. 28 are for different lists of the same app. I only have 4 pages, not including one app page. Twice a year I get rid of everything I haven’t used for 7 months. Bryan B: None. Except for the one forced on us by Google’s stupidity at a glance. Hate widgets. Russell DiPasquale: I have 3 screens, the first is time and date with folders for my apps, the second is in my “to do” screen, has weather, calendar list and to-do list, third is my car screen, battery widget and my car apps, music, podcasts, books, radio. Konrad Uroda-Darłak: Only clock with weather (one widget). Evie: Just one, a really nice customizable clock widget Seven Time. There’s nothing else I need. Comments

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