Meta’s in-house R&D group, known as NPE Team, has just launched a new social app, Move, designed for both personal and group task lists. The app allows people, including individuals or groups organizing around a project, to create to-do lists and send nudges and reminders for items that have yet to be completed. Unlike traditional to-do apps, Move gamifies the experience by allowing users to earn points for completed tasks, allowing them to customize an alpaca avatar with accessories such as hats, clothes, sunglasses, and more.

The idea is apparently to encourage group participation, as the avatar customization allows users to see which group members are the most productive. That is, if your avatar has no accessories, then it is clear that you have not yet participated in the group’s project. This can serve as a subtle form of social pressure to get more involved.

Meta confirmed that Move is still a small, early test of the company’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, which it believes could be used for things like community initiatives or classroom projects. It sees the app as a kind of ‘social tasking’ tool, making a group’s tasks both more accessible and transparent. Prior to launch, the app was tested with a small group of community organizers for early feedback.

The company suggests Move can be used for student group projects, sororities or sororities, roommate to-do lists, neighborhood groups, community projects, or even personal to-do lists or family tasks.

Meta’s NPE team has shifted its focus to a more global focus in recent months, rather than trying to create the next new social experience. So far, Meta has invested in an AI-powered developer platform for building virtual characters, Inworld AI, and has worked on other non-social apps, such as one that would help the formerly incarcerated rejoin society, and a others for LGBTQ families traveling to become parents. NPE’s strategy change also included plans to invest in small, entrepreneurial teams, the company said.

The launch of Task seems to indicate that the group hasn’t completely given up on social projects, but we understand that the app was already in development prior to NPE’s shift in focus last December.

The app is currently available as a free download from the Apple App Store in the US. No in-app payments or subscriptions are required. Meta says it wants to learn more from this first release.

Additional reporting by Manish Singh.

Editor’s Note: Headline incorrectly identified the app as ‘Task’ instead of ‘Move’. This has been corrected.

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