The Samsung Galaxy S22 is almost here! As we prepare for its February 9 release, the leaks are falling like a drizzle in the desert, quenching our thirst for the Asian giant’s upcoming flagship. Now the entire lineup is revealed in high-quality renders that you can’t wait to see!


News about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series is coming like crazy! Since the company confirmed the launch on February 9, there has been a series of leaks.

The upcoming Samsung devices are just too big to hide. Today we present you some high quality leaks that happened via evleaks, which showcases 4 of the original colors of the three devices. In the new leaks, we also get to see all the design elements we’ve been expecting for a while, such as the removal of the camera island.

But while you take the time to decide which of the gorgeous colors you get first, let’s keep you up to date with the latest leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S22.

From now on we also have an idea about the price of the whole lineup, which was revealed to us last week. Prices seem to follow those of the Samsung Galaxy S21, with some exceptions on the Ultra models. So if you’re looking to get a new Samsung Galaxy S22 around launch, you’re looking at a ~$800 price tag for the 128GB version.

Some early benchmarks have also shown the capabilities of the new Exynos SoC co-developed by AMD and featuring RDNA 2 graphics. Interestingly, the initial benchmarks didn’t live up to the hype and lag slightly behind the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It should be noted that the S22 will be released with one of the top processors depending on the region, but we’ll have to wait for the release before we get to it. decide which chip is actually the best.

Do you like the new colors? Which one is your favourite? Personally, I look at the coral.

This post Leak render! Here is the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in all its glory

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