You can already pre-order the new Apple iPhone SE 2022. But what has actually changed since the iPhone SE 2020 came out? Is the upgrade to the new, affordable iPhone worth it? We’ll cover such questions in our comparison here on NextPit!

As expected, Apple presented us with the brand new iPhone SE 2022 at its Peek Performance event this year. Visually, it could easily pass for a twin of its predecessor. In our article, we present the differences between the two and find out who the updated handset is for. Here is an overview of the main technical specifications:

2022 model 2020 model Product image:
Apple iPhone SE (2022)
Apple iPhone SE 2020

Display 4.7 inch LCD, 60 Hz
1334 x 750 pixels (326 ppi)

SoC A15 Bionic A13 Bionic Memory 64 / 128 / 256 GB 64 / 128 GB Home button Yes Software iOS 15 Rear camera 12 MP Front camera 7 MP Battery Video playback: up to 15 hours
Video playback (streamed): up to 10 hours
Audio playback: up to 50 hours Video playback: up to 13 hours
Video playback (streamed): up to 8 hours
Audio playback: up to 40 hours Connectivity 5G, LTE, NFC, WLAN 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.0 LTE, NFC, WLAN 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.0 IP certification IP67 Colors Midnight, Polar Star, (PRODUCT)RED Black , White,(PRODUCT)RED Dimensions & Weight 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm, 144g 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm, 148g Prices From $429 From $399 View Offer*

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Those who have made a close comparison will certainly be able to confirm that Apple has only updated the new model in a few ways. We will now go through the list point by point. Here we go!

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Display and case

First, let’s talk about everything new in the device and display design:


Well, that’s how it really is: the iPhone SE 2022 is based on the identical design of its predecessor, which was already obsolete in the iPhone SE (2020), as it is based on the iPhone 8 from 2017. So here you are greeted by an aluminum housing, again in identical dimensions, IP67 certification and a 4.7-inch display. Apple has only managed to make the device four grams lighter this time.

The display is again an LCD panel with HD resolution, up to 650 nits of brightness and only 60 Hertz. It’s a shame Apple hasn’t improved on this point.

Apple event peak performance 047

The new colors are the old … / © Apple

Performance and Connectivity

Anyone who wants to somehow justify to themselves why they need the new model instead of the second generation iPhone SE: this is your category! That is because Apple gives the iPhone SE 2022 the A15 Bionic chipset, which we also find in the iPhone 13. The SoC is still unrivaled compared to the Android competition, making the iPhone SE 2022 a real powerhouse.

The whole is rounded off by the fact that you will also find a 5G modem in the new model. This way you are not only optimally positioned in terms of performance, but also far ahead in terms of future-proofing. It remains unofficial rumor that the new iPhone SE has an increased amount of RAM of 4 GB. The iPhone SE 2020 still had three GB of RAM at the time, and Apple itself doesn’t share how much RAM their phone has, so keep this in mind.


IMG 1544

Is a simple 12 MP camera enough for you? / © NextPit

We can be brief again here: a 7MP shooter for selfies on the front, while there’s a simple 12MP snapper on the back, meaning the camera system has remained virtually unchanged. Still, there are small, functional improvements elsewhere. Thanks to the new SoC, you benefit from Deep Fusion technology, and there is also Smart HDR 4 and Photographic Styles. So while it’s just a minor update, it’s an update nonetheless.


As you are used to from all things Apple, you can use the current iOS 15 on both smartphones. That’s why there isn’t much to compare here. I would like to point out two things that play a role in this: The 2022 will of course be supported longer in terms of new updates. So if you plan on using the iPhone SE for much longer than the mandatory two years, this could play an important role for you.

In addition, more advanced software features also benefit from the better SoCs. This means you can enjoy the same software features on both devices, but they will also run smoother on the 2022 model.

Battery and fast charging

Apple doesn’t really communicate meaningful figures about the battery either. Instead, the Cupertino-based company tells us how long we can perform certain functions. The new battery should last 15 hours for video playback and 10 hours for video streaming. That’s two hours more than the battery in last year’s model.

In addition, it can be charged at speeds of up to 20 watts. According to Apple, you can reach 50 percent battery within half an hour of connecting. The predecessor could be charged with 18 watts and both generations support Qi wireless charging.

Price and availability

Apple has raised the price slightly here. As you can imagine, it moves in an unpleasant direction. While you could still buy the iPhone SE for $399 in 2020, you now have to pay a minimum of $429 for this year’s model. It’s a shame that Apple still offers a version with 64 GB of storage as an entry-level model. That is no longer feasible in 2022.

Ben isn’t very excited about that in his mind either. He fears that the iPhone SE 2022 could turn out to be a bad purchase. The table below shows the prices of the new Apple device. The predecessor is no longer officially available from Apple, but third-party sellers are currently offering the two-year-old phone for $239.

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Apple iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2022: prices at a glance

iPhone SE 2022 Price 64GB $429 128GB $479 256GB $579

Affiliate offer

Apple iPhone SE (2022)


This much is certain: if you buy the iPhone SE 2022, you are not buying it because you want a striking design. In a direct comparison, little has changed. The updates to the camera and battery are barely noticeable, and they’re not even present in the display and exterior.

Why is the purchase worth it? This is because with 5G you get a real performance boost for relatively little money. You can also look forward to long-term support in the area of ​​software. But do you really want to take full advantage of this in a smartphone whose design exudes the musty smell of 2017? And do you still want to use a smartphone with only 64 GB of storage in 2025 or later?

If you can answer these questions with “yes” because the retro look, price and performance convince you: feel free and go ahead to place an order! Everyone else should think about spending a little more money on the iPhone 13 mini or even waiting for the iPhone 14 and then treating themselves to a cheaper iPhone 13.

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