Samsung has released new firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S22 that gives users the option to lift the controversial performance throttling schemes.

Galaxy S22 users in South Korea are now seeing the update, which gives users the option to remove the CPU and GPU limits when enjoying video games on the device.

It is unknown when Samsung will add the option for users outside its home country, but the company is delivering on its promise to give device owners more control.

The company outraged many phone owners last week after reports that it was limiting the performance of up to 10,000 apps, including some of its own first-party tools.

The company admitted that its Game Optimization Service (GOS) managed the performance of some games to more effectively regulate the device’s temperature and battery life.

However, it claimed that the CIS was not managing the performance of non-gaming apps so it’s not clear if the update does anything to fix the issues for those mentioned in the recent reports.

Last week, a list of more than ten thousand apps was put online, showing that even everyday apps like Instagram, Netflix, Google Keep, TikTok and Microsoft’s Office suite were slowed down by Samsung. The list even included some of Samsung’s own apps, such as Secure Folder, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass.

With the CIS enabled on a Galaxy S22 Plus, benchmark tests conducted by Android Police showed that single-core scores fell by almost half in single-core scores, and more than a quarter in multi-core tests.

“The Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is designed to help game apps deliver great performance while effectively managing device temperature,” Samsung said last week.

We’ll let you know when the update arrives on UK soil and how it affects the performance of key apps and games.

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