Since the pandemic started, one of the biggest pain points of using an iPhone has been not being able to unlock it with Face ID because of all the mask-wearing we do. Apple eventually made Face ID “compatible” with wearing a mask, but the limitation was that an Apple Watch had to be authenticated and connected so that a partial face match was possible.

One of the newest features Brandon Butch recently discovered in the latest iOS 15.4 beta is the ability to use partial Face ID, which would be useful if you’re wearing a mask, except you no longer need an Apple Watch. connected. Even with a mask, Face ID can be used for Apple Pay, App Store downloads, and third-party apps.

Well this is new 🤔 (iOS 15.4 Beta 1)

— Brandon Butch (@BrandonButch) January 27, 2022

Face ID is most accurate when set up for full face recognition only. If you want to use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye for verification.

You can set up Face ID with or without a mask, and if you opt for the mask-on-setup, you don’t have to wear one during setup.

Also new with iOS 15.4 beta is the improved recognition when a user is wearing glasses.

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<p>Users may still need to remove sunglasses when using Face ID while wearing a mask, although most glasses should work just fine.  You can set up Face ID to recognize any glasses you wear regularly.</p>
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