Did you know that you can easily export individual chats as well as your entire WhatsApp chat history? This feature is very useful if you want to switch from Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger to an alternative and archive your conversation threads. NextPit shows you how to back up your chats – with and without media included.

WhatsApp magically backs up your chat history to your cloud account every night. However, the instant messenger saves the backup in a file format that you cannot simply open and browse. If you also want to save your chat history as a text file on your computer, you can do this via an export function in WhatsApp.

For example, you can print your chat history with your partner on endless sheets of paper. Isn’t that romantic? Alternatively, the chat threads will not be lost if you want to switch to a WhatsApp alternative. If you decide to use Telegram, you can even easily export your WhatsApp chats. Learn how to export your chats below.

How to export WhatsApp chats

There are basically two ways to export WhatsApp chats. The first is to join the chat thread with a friend or group and then follow these steps:

Tap the ⋮ (three dots) at the top of the screen. Select More. Tap Export chat. Confirm whether you also want to export media (photos, videos, audio files).

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You will find the export function directly in your chats / © NextPit

This method works just as well on your iPhone. On Android, there is another method that is a little easier, especially if you want to export multiple chats in a row. Just follow the steps below:

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You can also access the chat export from the settings … / © NextPit Tap the ⋮ (three dots) on the WhatsApp main screen. Go to the Settings. Select Chat. Select Chat history. Select Export chat. Select a chat thread. Here you can choose whether you want to export the chat with or without media files. After you’ve made a decision, select the destination to which you want to export the data.

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…which is especially convenient if you want to export a lot of chat threads / © NextPit

The exported media are available as separate files and you can view your chat history as a TXT file. WhatsApp also writes the respective timestamps and names for each message. This is especially useful because you can also export the chat history of group chats.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to export all chats in WhatsApp at once. That’s why it’s a bit of a hassle to click on each individual chat and group, and do it one by one. One storage option for all your WhatsApp data is backups, but they can only be accessed within WhatsApp itself. We have summarized how to make WhatsApp backups in the linked article.

Does the export feature in WhatsApp help you or do you have a better option for us? Let us know in the comments which instant messenger you switched to after exporting.

Guide updated in January 2022 with additional details and instructions.

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