During drop tests with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the curved sides of the display were identified as a weak point. Does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy S22, which has a flat screen, is more durable? PBKreviews tried to find out.

Long story short, you really should put on a screen protector, Gorilla Glass Victus+ is prone to tearing even if you fall at waist height. If the phone hits the metal side down it will get bumped but is usually fine. Falling glass face down (be it the front or back Victus+ pane) will cause cracks.

Keep in mind that replacing the screen on the vanilla Galaxy S22 costs $200 unless you subscribe to Samsung Care+ (which reduces the repair cost to $29). Note: The repair pricing page seems to have been removed from Samsung.com, but you can easily check the cached version. Also, the back isn’t immune to damage, so it might be wise to put on a case.

Here are some relevant screen replacement prices:

Fashion model
Screen Replacement Cost (in the US)Galaxy S22 Ultra $289 Galaxy S22+ $229
Galaxy S22
$199Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G $289 Galaxy S21+ 5G $229 Galaxy S21 5G $199 Galaxy S21 FE 5G $169


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