The innovative legacy that the Galaxy range is known for doesn’t just stop with the smartphones – it also extends to all Samsung Electronics devices. While retaining the characteristics of any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the Galaxy design refines each product in a simple form. This design ethos integrates cutting edge technology with the latest trends while maintaining a consistent identity.

The new Galaxy Tab S8 series continues this legacy. Optimized performance is coupled with a refined design to extend the user experience in a way that is true to the Galaxy Tab S series.

An iconic identity

The Galaxy Tab series has evolved over the years with the addition of core user experiences that reflect evolving user needs and the application of the latest technologies to devices with a consistent and unique identity. The Galaxy Tab S8 series is an important part of the definitive Galaxy legacy and identity, consistently reflecting the new and improved experiences it offers users through its design.

A key part of the Galaxy Tab S series, the S Pen gives a unique identity to the Galaxy Tab S8 series while providing flexible and efficient usability, always included in the box alongside a Galaxy Tab S device. series since the first iteration to guide the user from the start. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S8+ both come with a new and improved S Pen that uses an ultra-low latency prediction algorithm1 — delivering an incredible writing experience akin to sliding a pen across paper. The S Pen charging track on the back of the Tab S8 provides soft and firm use by means of a magnet, and the camera hole, S Pen, and Samsung Electronics logo are all smoothly aligned on the back of the device in a linear fashion. layout to create a sense of unity.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series once again offers its users a selection of timeless and harmonious colours. Three colors are available for the users of the series: premium graphite and silver tones and a trendy and soothing shade of rose gold. The tablet’s matte surface, trimmed to match the reinforced metal material, luxuriously matches the premium color, whichever swatch a user chooses.

Extensive experiences

The Galaxy Tab S series has always provided users with a wide viewing experience thanks to a large screen. This experience has been further expanded with the Galaxy Tab S8 series. The screen comes with a super-thin bezel that offers new depths of immersion, while the enlarged screen has been simplified to help you navigate better.

The overall design of the Galaxy Tab S8 series comes together to provide a unified and concise user experience in a way that remains familiar by using the same keyboard shortcuts as a PC. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s expansive display also makes it easy for a user to split the screen into multiple, resizable windows so they can multitask without switching between apps.2

From a communication perspective, the ultra-wide front camera on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra helps users communicate clearly when using the wide screen of the device during video calls or meetings. In addition, the ultra-wide-angle camera automatically adjusts for optimal composition, and the 3-way microphone solution delivers clearer sound for a truly enhanced video communication experience.

Targeted Versatility

Samsung’s Galaxy products try to adapt to the priorities of today’s society and help their users in their pursuit of a more diverse and sustainable lifestyle. In addition to the environmentally conscious packaging, the Galaxy Tab S8 series also allows users to express their true personality thanks to the versatility of the cover.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Series3 cover is convenient to use and adds to the enjoyable user experience of the tablet as a whole. The new Book Cover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S8 series offers the experience of using a laptop thanks to its full keyboard and backlight. While glass is used for the touchpad itself, premium antibacterial polyurethane has been applied to the touchpad area to enhance usability. In addition, the Note View Cover for Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ allows users to write directly with the S Pen on the transparent cover that mimics the feel of pen on paper.

The Strap Cover of the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ can be rotated 360˚, allowing users to hold the tablet with one hand and use it freely in any direction. The protective standing case for Galaxy Tab S8 series features an air pocket and an internal shock-resistant structure to firmly protect the device, while the free-stop hinge allows users to freely adjust the standing angle.

Only the essentials

The Galaxy Tab S8 series packaging focuses only on the essentials, contains only the essence of the product and reflects the values ​​that are dear to us today. The thickness of the product, the camera structure, the S Pen and the color are presented in such a way that users are immediately aware of the main features of their Galaxy Tab S series product. The package itself is the thinnest to date in the series, minimizing bulk and weight allowing for the conservation of resources and a reduction in energy consumption for transportation.

The secret behind the beloved legacy of Galaxy products lies in the consistent delivery of those values ​​that are unique to the Galaxy series. Samsung’s designers continually persevere in their journey to bring new technologies to users while preserving the essential identity of every Galaxy product.

* The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Product specifications may vary by market, model and carrier.

1 Compared to Galaxy Tab S7. 2.8ms latency rate measured for Tab S8 Ultra(14.6”) and Tab S8+(12.4”) models when using Samsung Notes.

2 Certain applications may not support Multi-Active Window functionality.

3 Accessories for Galaxy Tab S8 series, including covers, are sold separately. Availability may vary by device model, market and store.

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