BT bets on AI and thinks Google Cloud can help

UK telco BT and Google announced a new five-year partnership this week, under which BT will use Google Cloud products and services to “accelerate BT’s growth and digital transformation,” said Harmeen Mehta. Mehta is BT’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer.

“This is a collaboration that goes deeper than just at the technological level. It will help Digital as a whole boost BT and drive its return to growth,” she said.

BT is leaning towards a “cloud-first and AI-first strategy.” The company will use Google Cloud infrastructure, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, security and API management to drive new customer experiences and efficiencies. It is part of BT’s digital transformation led by the BT Digital Unit. The companies are teaming up to adopt Google technology, with plans to complete their core data migration by 2023.

BT said Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team will work with BT to drive critical operational change as part of what BT calls ‘The Digital Way’. The goal of The Digital Way, according to BT, is “…to foster continuous delivery and ‘zero ops’ autonomous corporate culture to accelerate product development and continuous innovation.”

BT . Digital Transformation

BT founded BT Digital in 2021, taking Mehta out of a CIO role at Indian telco Bharti Airtel. When the new group was announced, BT CEO Philip Jansen said the new business unit would help the company bring new ideas to market faster and on a larger scale.

“This is bigger than just BT; it involves partnering with other leading innovators to expand into new territories and bring the benefits of first-class digital services to customers, including enhanced converged fixed and mobile services, tools that protect against cyber-attacks and connected healthcare applications to help families to help look after older or vulnerable loved ones, even if they are geographically distant,” Jansen said at the time.

Despite Google Cloud, BT’s push for progress continues with other efforts. Last September, BT announced a deal with Oracle to accelerate the delivery of 5G services. BT chose Cloud Native Converged Policy Management from Oracle Communications to optimize network resources for the 5G transition.

In a statement, David Salam, BT’s director of mobile, said the deal with Oracle would make it easier for BT engineers to design, test and deploy new 4G and 5G services.

“It shortens testing and implementation times without compromising quality, and enables some new services to be delivered to customers in just minutes,” said Salam.

VMware announced in January that BT has selected VMware to offer Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to its customers as a global managed service. The offering builds on BT and VMware’s existing managed SD-WAN service. The SASE offering is available through a global network of more than 150 points of presence (PoPs) deployed by both companies.

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