Not everyone needs to spend more than $1,000 on a new phone, especially those from prepaid carriers who want to cut corners where possible. Fortunately, the best phones under $100 deliver reliable performance and useful features that make them a great choice. We think the BLU G51S is the best phone in this price range. While there are a few other options to choose from in this price range, the choices are getting harder and harder to come by these days.

Best phone overall under $100: BLU G51S


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Great all-rounder

Reasons to buy+

Vivid 6.4-inch screen

4,000mAh battery

Android 11 (Go Edition)

Fingerprint sensor

Comes with case and screen protector

Reasons to Avoid-

Future updates are unlikely

Only 2GB RAM

Exquisite design isn’t something you’ll see on Android phones in this budget, and while “exquisite” isn’t exactly the word we’d use to describe the BLU G51S, it certainly stands out from the rest of the phones on this list. The striking blue textured design on the back is bold and bright. Plus, you get decent hardware. The budget Android phone runs Android 11 (Go edition), so performance is as smooth as you can hope for in this price range.

With that design comes a gorgeous 6.4-inch HD display that’s easily the best display in any phone under $100 these days. There’s also an 8MP selfie camera, a 13MP rear camera, a fingerprint reader. on the back, expandable storage and a hefty 4000 mAh battery. The octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of internal storage are among the best options you will find in this particular category.

In addition to the phone itself, BLU also gives you all the accessories you could possibly need in the box. Included at no extra cost is a screen protector, silicone case, charger, cable and a BLU sticker that you can place anywhere.

Best for One-Handed Use: Ulefone Note 8

Ulefone Note 8 in hand, with a mobile game

(Image credit: Ulefone)

Ulefone Note 8

Enjoy browsing with one hand

Reasons to buy+

5.5-inch screen good for one-handed use

Android Go

Face unlock

Expandable Storage

Dual SIM support

Reasons to Avoid-

Missing a fingerprint sensor

The Ulefone Note 8 takes things to the next level in this segment, thanks to its vibrant 5.5-inch 720p display with thin bezels. There is a water drop notch for the selfie camera and a relatively small chin on the bottom. The device fits perfectly in one hand, something you no longer find in modern flagships.

Flip the Ulefone Note 8 over and you’ll find a 5MP primary camera along with 2MP portrait sensors to help you get decent-looking photos. The whole setup is powered by a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage (expandable up to 128 GB) and a 2,700 mAh battery under the hood. The battery size is okay and the RAM is more than adequate.

The Ulefone Note 8 is a handset with dual SIM slots, making it easy to rock two songs at once. While there’s a face unlock feature instead of a fingerprint sensor, it’s also only good for bypassing your lock screen. To login to banking apps or password managers, you need to enter a PIN/password.

Best of all, the Note 8 runs Android Go, so the hardware is pretty fluid in everyday use. However, it is Android 10, not 11, of the Go edition. If you want a newer operating system, the BLU G51S is the way to go.

Best on Verizon: Motorola Moto E6

Motorola Moto E6 camera capabilities

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola Moto E6

On Verizon? Check this out

Today’s best deals

Reasons to buy+

Clean build of Android

Splash-proof design

Expandable storage goes up to 256 GB

All day battery life

Easy to use in one hand

The Moto E6 packs a lot of exciting features, including a 5.5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 435 chipset, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage with a microSD slot, 13MP camera and a 3000mAh battery.

But the main advantage is that you get a clean Android interface, which makes the phone a joy to use. Another exciting feature is the splash-resistant coating, which ensures that the Moto E6 can withstand the occasional splash of rain.

The unlocked version of the Moto E6 is a bit more expensive. However, the Verizon model is available for under $100, making it a fantastic choice. Motorola is known for its reliable and consistently reliable budget phones, and the E6 delivers exactly what you’d expect.

Best for regular updates: Nokia C1 Plus

Nokia C1 Plus

(Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia C1 Plus

Promised updates for years to come

Reasons to buy+

3 years guaranteed updates

Supports face unlock

64GB storage

All day battery life

Reasons to Avoid-

Does not work with CDMA carriers

Doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner

Nokia has been making some of the most popular phones for over a decade, and while its Android smartphones aren’t as well-known as some other brands, its budget phones are among the best. The Nokia C1 Plus doesn’t stand out much from the crowd, but it has just enough going for it to qualify for this list.

While this phone may have a small 5.45-inch HD+ display, it runs on Android Go and definitely gets regular updates. According to HMD Global’s promise, you can expect three years of monthly security patches and two years of major platform updates. The 5MP main and 5MP selfie cameras are okay and should be good enough for a quick photo even if they don’t win any awards.

An advantage of the smaller screen size is that you have a long battery life. It only has 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in storage, but the latter is expandable up to 128 GB. So if you want a smooth-running Android phone with a few perks here and there and a small build, the Nokia C1 Plus is one to consider.

Best Value: TCL A30

TCL A30 smartphone in hand

(Image credit: TCL)


Every last cent you spend gives you value

Reasons to buy+

Android 11 (Go Edition)


Expandable storage goes up to 512 GB

Excellent battery life

Reasons to Avoid-

thick edges

No fingerprint reader

While the TCL A30 isn’t quite as luxurious a phone as the newer TCL 20 Pro 5G, you can buy about five of these phones instead. There’s something to be said for simplicity, and while the TCL A30 is simple, it still has the gist of a cheerfully cheap smartphone to keep you happy.

With Android 11 (Go Edition) out of the box, the TCL A30 has an octa-core MediaTek processor and pleasantly, it has 3 GB of RAM. You get 32 ​​GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded to a whopping 512 GB via microSD. The phone’s 5.5-inch HD+ LCD display is dwarfed by a thick forehead and chin.

There are dual cameras – an 8MP primary shooter and a 5MP sensor on the front. While you can take photos with this phone, they are good enough for a Facebook post at best. You can expect excellent battery life from the 3000 mAh cell for all day use.

More than one way to save some money

If you’ve been looking for a phone under $100, you’ve probably found them hard to find. That is of course if you want to buy something new. However, if you’re okay with buying a used or remodeled phone, you still have a few options for getting a good phone for less.

Amazon offers new devices that Amazon guarantees to be in good condition. If you look outside of Amazon, there are other great places to buy a used phone. While many of these phones may not have an Amazon warranty, some retailers offer some form of return policy to give you peace of mind about your purchase.

These are the best Android phones under $100

There are many unwanted Android phones you can buy in this $100 price range, but there are also many great ones, as proven in this article. Overall, the BLU G51S stands out as the best cheap Android phone we’ve found under that $100 threshold.

Any phone you buy in this price range is bound to make compromises, but the BLU G51S makes the smartest, so you still get a very enjoyable Android experience. The screen looks great, the performance is fast enough for everyday use, there’s a decent-sized battery and you have expandable storage.

It has all the basic features you’d expect from a quality smartphone, but BLU manages to take it one step further in a way that other companies don’t. Being able to buy a phone at a price like this with modern style and good specs isn’t always the case, but that’s exactly what you get with the BLU G51S. If you’re willing to stretch your budget a little, we’ve rounded up the best Android phones under $200.

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