Android 13 is still in development and is expected to offer more cosmetic, security and privacy features. But which phones will get the update? In this article, we list the smartphones expected to update to Android 13, in addition to Google’s own Pixel devices.

As the Android brands are slowly improving their update policies, it is becoming easier to predict which phones will be supported in the future versions of the operating system. Some companies even promise longer support than Google.

While the operating system is still in its early stages, we can already reasonably predict some things by analyzing the rollout for previous Android versions, such as the beta test, and release date, which you can find in the article linked above. In short, Android 13 should be released around October, first with the Pixel phones, and then for the phones of other brands.

Note: For the other brands, the list below is a work in progress and includes models that are currently expected to be updated according to the various companies’ current software policies. It goes without saying that the list is subject to change.

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As in the past five years, the Pixel phone line should be the first to receive the update. The stable year-end release should be available for the same devices compatible with the current developer preview:

NextPit Google Pixel 5 vs 6 Display

The Pixel 5 (left) and Pixel 6 can already do the development builds for Android 13 / © NextPit . to carry out

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Google Pixel 6


After promising four years of software support and three versions of Android for its high-end phones in 2021, Samsung upped the ante in 2022 by announcing four Android updates and five years of security patches for its flagship phones. After the rapid rollout with Android 12 on the Galaxy S, Z and Note series, the list for Android 13 will include at least the following models:

NextPit Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 display

The entire Galaxy Z range is expected to be updated to Android 13 / © NextPit


Xiaomi tried to follow Samsung’s steps by announcing that it was also expanding software support for its flagship phones, but since then the Chinese brand has published a webpage that lists not only which updates each phone should receive, but also the frequency of each. security patches. Archived here, just in case.

NextPit Xiaomi 11T Pro back

The 11T Pro not only changed Xiaomi’s naming, but also established a clear update policy for the brand / © NextPit


When it comes to Oppo, the sheer number of phone ranges and all their suffixes (Lite, Neo, Plus, SE, etc.) makes it very hard to predict which phones will be updated to Android 13. In any case, the list should take you in at least the models below.

NextPit Oppo Find X5 Pro Display NextPit

The Oppo Find X5 Pro brings ColorOS to Android 13 / © NextPit


Vivo tried to emulate Samsung’s policy by promising three Android updates for its flagship X60 Pro line, but made no guarantees for its mid-range and entry-level phones; therefore the list for Android 13 is pretty barebones:

iQOO 8 iQOO 8 Pro iQOO 9 iQOO 9 Pro Vivo X60 Pro Vivo X70 Vivo X70 Pro Vivo X70 Pro+


With the Realme 9 and GT2 lines, the Chinese brand improved its update policy for the mid-range and flagship ranges. With two and three Android updates respectively.

NextPit Realme 9 Pro Plus Display Display

The Realme 9 Pro+ will receive Android 13 and its successor, according to Realme / © NextPit


OnePlus also clarified its update policy last year and provided a clear roadmap for its device updates. So far, the brand’s Android 13 list includes:

NextPit OnePlus Nord Pacman Edition back

The Nord 2 (Pac-man edition in the photo) is expected to update to Android 13 / © NextPit


Even after Motorola has set its sights on the flagship market, Motorola still hasn’t offered a clear update policy for its customers, something that is starting to catch on not only here on NextPit but other media outlets as well. Unless otherwise stated, we can usually only expect one major Android update for Moto phones.

NextPit Motorola Edge 20 Pro Display

For the 2021 models, Motorola is committed to offering Android 13 only to the Edge 20 family / © NextPit


With Honor still settling into the market and without a clear publicly announced update policy, it seems a bit premature to predict which models will be updated to Android 13. Once the company provides more details on its Magic4 and Magic V lines, we will update this section.


Despite being one of the last holdouts in the Android One program (remember?), HMD Global hasn’t exactly been the best example when it comes to Android upgrades, despite offering timely security updates. The company canceled the promised Android 11 version for its former flagship 9 PureView and simply offered a discount for its entry-level X phones (this archived linked page has since been taken offline). So take this list with a grain of salt:

Nokia G10 Nokia G11 Nokia G20 Nokia G21 Nokia G50 Nokia G300 Nokia X10 / X100 Nokia X20 Nokia XR20


With a small number of devices on the market, Sony has offered two major Android upgrades for its phones, which for Android 13 would look like this:

NextPit Sony Xperia Pro I Camera

Sony is expected to offer Android 13 only for its 2021 (and 2022) models / © NextPit


Asus was part of the Android 12 beta and delivered quick updates to its flagship ZenFone 8 series. With a product line essentially made up of the ZenFone and ROG Phone lines, Android 13 can be expected on these models:

NextPit Asus Zenfone 8 Display

The compact ZenFone 8 was part of the Android 12 beta and received the stable version already in 2021 / © NextPit

Other brands

For the Android 12 beta, other brands have enrolled their devices in the testing program, but it’s too early to know if they’ll do the same in 2022. Sharp, TCL, Tecno, and ZTE were among the companies offering customers the opportunity. to give a preview of the (then) new operating system together with Asus, Oppo/OnePlus, Realme, Vivo/iQOO and Xiaomi.

Also worth noting is that LG announced (at least in South Korea) that the Velvet and Wing phones would be getting Android 13. The former model is expected to receive Android 12 in 2022Q1 (page in Korean), but the situation in the West is still unclear.

This list will be updated as soon as the first public beta is available and when brands announce their update schedules. Are you looking forward to seeing Android 13 on your phone? Did we forget a specific model? Let us know in the comments!

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