▲ This beautiful Korean landscape known as the Awesome Savanna, one of the locations featured in the BTS music video ‘Spring Day’, was scouted by location manager Taeyoung Kim

An essential element in bringing the characters and story of a movie or TV show to life is the background that appears behind them. When the location of the characters’ lives and events is vivid, an audience is automatically drawn more naturally into the story. Essentially, the perfect space can serve as a canvas on which to paint a story.

Taeyoung Kim is the first Korean venue manager, who has scouted many beautiful spaces for all kinds of classic productions over the past 20 years. Kim’s Galaxy Z Fold3 has become his trusted partner in his search for the perfect spots, so Samsung Newsroom joined Kim on Kim’s latest road trip to discover new shooting locations using Galaxy Z Fold3.

The secret formula to scout the perfect scene for a shot

“All spaces have stories:” that is the philosophy of Taeyoung Kim. Kim understands that wherever a place is, it is imbued with the traces of the people who have been there through the ages. Kim’s job as a location manager is to discover the story of a space and then revalue that space. To find those special spaces that can bring a scene to life, he traveled more than 800,000 km – the equivalent of 20 trips around the Earth – and collected more than 3 million photos for location exploration purposes.

Once Kim receives a screenplay, he imagines the landscape he wants to find in his head. After going through tens of thousands of different combinations in his head, he starts looking for the right spots. In the past, he always carried 7 to 8 atlases – to the point where they became torn and worn. Then he had to take pictures of each room with a heavy camera and then have those pictures printed for meetings. Fortunately, with its introduction to Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Z Fold3, these inconveniences are a thing of the past.

Not only has Kim been able to swap out his heavy-duty camera for a high-definition camera, but he’s also been able to easily note, record and share potential locations using navigation, GPS, and real-time location sharing on his Galaxy Z. Fold3. Kim has been using Galaxy smartphones since the release of the Galaxy Note3 and now uses the Galaxy Z Fold3 for work. “With my Galaxy smartphones, I’ve been able to significantly reduce the time and cost it takes to discover a location,” Kim says. “Now I can only focus on the space and scenario I’m looking for by simply holding my smartphone in one hand instead of having to drag heavy equipment like a camera and tripod.”

Galaxy Z Fold3, the perfect partner for Taeyoung Kim’s scouting journeys

A location exploration journey is all about discovering the optimal spot that fits the scenario already formed in Kim’s head. To ensure a successful trip, Kim has a selection of essential items that he always carries in his bag. The latest addition to this list of items is his Galaxy Z Fold3, which replaced its previous duo of a Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S7. In addition to his smartphone, Kim carries his Galaxy Book Flex Alpha, an external hard drive, a scenario book, a drone device, snacks for the road and a rangefinder.

Packing and transporting his gear when he goes on recon missions has become much easier for Kim since purchasing his Galaxy Z Fold3. Thanks to the Galaxy Z Fold3, Kim is able to take photos of a location and view them in a wide-angle lens in a single frame using the device’s large screen, a functionality he previously enjoyed when using the ultra-wide lens of the device. are Galaxy S21 Ultra . Moreover, when it comes to exploring more precarious places, such as valleys or cliffs, with Galaxy Z Fold3, Kim just has to hold up his smartphone. “The small and lightweight nature of the device, as well as the high-quality camera, allows me to record the places I’ve visited without ever worrying about missing a place,” Kim noted. “The whole process has been made so much easier with the Galaxy Z Fold3.”

Moreover, while viewing an image on the big screen of his Galaxy Z Fold3, Kim can also annotate all relevant information – such as location data, hazardous factors, usable space, dimensions and more – with his S Pen on the spot. This ability to take notes directly on his smartphone has enabled Kim to capture whatever inspiration comes to his mind watching a location as it takes place. “Applying cinematic elements to a photo I took of a possible location requires some explanation,” Kim explains. “Incorporating figures or other images into these photos makes it much easier for people to understand my train of thought; my Galaxy Z Fold3 and S Pen have proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to sharing my location exploration footage with cinematographers, art directors and producers.

Once Kim is done with his ideation process and ready to explore a location, all he has to do is start the journey itself. With the Galaxy Z Fold3, all you need to do is enter the location into the navigation system – and there it goes.

To learn more about Kim’s location discovery process, optimized by the Galaxy Z Fold3, check out the ‘Voices of Galaxy’ video below.


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